Big Buoy Water Park

Safe Swimming Area

What are the 10 safety tips for swimming? The first would be to not jump in to save a friend. If you don’t know how to swim, then you won’t be able to save anybody. You can leave that task to a lifeguard whose sole job is to save people when they are drowning. The second one is to never swim all by yourself. You should always be with a companion so if you go to into deeper waters by accident then you will feel confident about going back to safety. The third one is to always wear a life vest. Of course, you must make sure that you are wearing it properly even if you are in the safe swimming area. You can just float around the sea while wearing your life vest and it would also be fun. The fourth one is to always supervise young children whenever they are in the water. You know they need all the attention they can get since they want to have fun and safety is not their priority. The fifth one is to avoid breath-holding games since there are a lot of other games you can do other than that. That type of game can be a bit dangerous especially if you take it a bit too seriously. The sixth safety tip is to avoid the use of alcohol. The seventh is to stay away from the pool drains in the pool because your feet may get caught in them. The eight one is to stay within the designated safe swimming area such as staying inside pool fencing. Anything beyond that and you are taking a big risk by doing it. The ninth one is to learn CPR since it won’t be that hard to do so. You can even practice with your friend. When you learn it, you are going to become confident about swimming by yourself. Finally, the tenth one is to learn the dog paddle since it is the easiest form of swimming known to mankind. What is the safest way to enter the water? The safest way to enter the water would be to dive in feet first. It should never be headfirst because if the water is too shallow then you may get injured. Be sure not to dive from a high platform so you won’t get injured if it is too shallow. If it is a bit deep, that would be alright even though most pools ban diving to prevent anybody from getting badly injured. Is the sea safe to swim in? There will usually be marks put in the sea to let you know where the safe swimming area is. It won’t be wise to go away from that area no matter how good of a swimmer you are. It would be better to wear a life vest if a strong current suddenly arrives. When that happens, better get out of the water because that will mean trouble for everyone involved. What are the 4 A’s of rescue? The four As are Assessment, Awareness, Action, and Aftercare. The action is the most important part because it is when you will rescue the drowning person. Aftercare is giving the person enough medications because there may be water stuck in the person’s throat. When that happens, the person may suffocate even when she is already out of the water. Awareness is being aware of everything that is happening around you no matter how many people there are. During the summer, there will be a lot of people in the sea. They would all want to swim because it is hot. Thus, better pay attention to your companions as much as possible. Assessment is determining whether or not you can do the rescue yourself or you must get someone to do it with you. There are situations when you must admit that you will need the help of another lifeguard. What to apply on skin before swimming? Better apply a chlorine neutralizing lotion as this would prevent you from getting any rashes. There is a chance that the chlorine will get up to your skin and make you scratch for several seconds before something happens.