Public Holidays

Public holidays are the things of dreams. You can wake up, have a lazy morning lie-in, safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to rush to work or deal with your annoying boss today. You can spend the day however you like, completely at your leisure. The world is your oyster, and the bliss lasts an entire 24 hours. Unfortunately, normality returns all too soon.

Is 27th April 2020 a public holiday?

Yes. Monday the 27th of April is a public holiday in Australia. This is in addition to ANZAC day, which falls on a Saturday in 2020. The public holiday on the 27th was created so that the majority of people would benefit from having an extra day off during the normal working week, in celebration of the annual ANZAC commemoration, which happens to fall on a weekend. 

Is Monday a public holiday in SA?

Yes, Monday is a public holiday in SA

How many public holidays in Victoria in 2019?

There were a total of 14 public holidays in Victoria in 2019. This includes many public holidays which are common to countries all over the world, such as Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, but also holidays which are exclusive to states in Australia. For example, this includes the Australia day and the date of the Melbourne cup in November. Also, as in many other Commonwealth countries, the Queen’s Birthday in June is celebrated as a public holiday, as she is technically the head of state. 

What is consider holidays in 2020?

In Australia there various different rules for declaring holidays. These can vary from state to state, however there are some holidays which are common to all Australian states. The common holidays include Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Australian Day, ANZAC day, Boxing Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday. All the other public holidays are declared individually by the governing bodies of the various different states. These local public holidays can include such days as Canberra Day and the Melbourne Cup Day. However, many of the individual states do announce common holidays, such as labour day (a day celebrated worldwide) and the Queen’s birthday (a holiday shared with most other commonwealth nations).

What dates are school holidays in 2020?

The school term and holiday dates for Australian schools are declared on a state by state basis, so that local rules are in effect. However, many territories follow a similar timetable. Most schools will have a holiday in April, approximately from April 9th to April 20th. There is then a longer set of school holidays between term 2 and term 3. These holidays begin at the end of June and continue through to the end of July. In many Australian states in 2020, the holidays go from June 26th to July 21st. Once the schools return for term 3, the Christmas holidays will run from the 18th of December until the schools reopen in 2021. School holiday dates in 2020 are subject to disruption due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Safe Swimming Area

What are the 10 safety tips for swimming?

The first would be to not jump in to save a friend. If you don’t know how to swim, then you won’t be able to save anybody. You can leave that task to a lifeguard whose sole job is to save people when they are drowning. The second one is to never swim all by yourself. You should always be with a companion so if you go to into deeper waters by accident then you will feel confident about going back to safety. The third one is to always wear a life vest. Of course, you must make sure that you are wearing it properly even if you are in the safe swimming area. You can just float around the sea while wearing your life vest and it would also be fun. The fourth one is to always supervise young children whenever they are in the water. You know they need all the attention they can get since they want to have fun and safety is not their priority. The fifth one is to avoid breath-holding games since there are a lot of other games you can do other than that. That type of game can be a bit dangerous especially if you take it a bit too seriously. The sixth safety tip is to avoid the use of alcohol. The seventh is to stay away from the pool drains in the pool because your feet may get caught in them. The eight one is to stay within the designated safe swimming area. Anything beyond that and you are taking a big risk by doing it. The ninth one is to learn CPR since it won’t be that hard to do so. You can even practice with your friend. When you learn it, you are going to become confident about swimming by yourself. Finally, the tenth one is to learn the dog paddle since it is the easiest form of swimming known to mankind.

What is the safest way to enter the water?

The safest way to enter the water would be to dive in feet first. It should never be headfirst because if the water is too shallow then you may get injured. Be sure not to dive from a high platform so you won’t get injured if it is too shallow. If it is a bit deep, that would be alright even though most pools ban diving to prevent anybody from getting badly injured.

Is the sea safe to swim in?

There will usually be marks put in the sea to let you know where the safe swimming area is. It won’t be wise to go away from that area no matter how good of a swimmer you are. It would be better to wear a life vest if a strong current suddenly arrives. When that happens, better get out of the water because that will mean trouble for everyone involved.

What are the 4 A’s of rescue?

The four As are Assessment, Awareness, Action, and Aftercare. The action is the most important part because it is when you will rescue the drowning person. Aftercare is giving the person enough medications because there may be water stuck in the person’s throat. When that happens, the person may suffocate even when she is already out of the water. Awareness is being aware of everything that is happening around you no matter how many people there are. During the summer, there will be a lot of people in the sea. They would all want to swim because it is hot. Thus, better pay attention to your companions as much as possible. Assessment is determining whether or not you can do the rescue yourself or you must get someone to do it with you. There are situations when you must admit that you will need the help of another lifeguard.

What to apply on skin before swimming? Better apply a chlorine neutralizing lotion as this would prevent you from getting any rashes. There is a chance that the chlorine will get up to your skin and make you scratch for several seconds before something happens.

School Holidays

What are the school holidays in 2020?

The summer holiday is from July 20 to September 1. That is a lot of time for students to have some fun under the sun. It includes the whole month of August for students to do a beach or camping trip with their friends. The adventurous ones may also climb up a mountain if they would want to.

What are the school holidays for 2019 2020?

December 3 to January 20 is the annual Christmas break for this school year. It is the time when students are supposed to go to their families for a reunion. It is also a time when everyone should take a break from studying and just relax. Yes, do something that would calm you down since studying can be stressful. April 6 to 17 is the Easter holiday which is enough for a family to go on a road trip somewhere. It is also enough for a family to go to a nearby country and check out the tourist attractions there.

What are the school holiday dates for 2019?

The autumn term starts on September 2 and ends on October 19. There is an October half term from Oct 19 to 21 though even not much will be accomplished during that time. Christmas break is from December 23 to January 2 which is ample time for everyone to get home in time for Christmas.

What dates are Easter school holidays 2020?

It is from March 30 to April 20 of 2020. Therefore, during that time there will be no school. Students are expected to go to the beach during this time because of the awful heat. Some may decide to just stay at home and play games. Whatever the choice the students make, studying will be the last thing on their mind. Also, some students may feel that this vacation is just too short and they are right.

What are the term dates for 2020?

Spring term runs from January 3 to February 14. Summer term is from April 20 to May 22. Those are pretty short terms which means the students won’t have many subjects. It is better for them since they only need to focus on a few things. It is though to focus on a lot of things and not be able to study that much for all of them since your attention is divided.

What are the school holidays for 2020 2021? The spring term of 2021 will start on January 4 and end on April 1. After that, students will get a well-deserved break. Summer vacation is from April 19 to May 28, 2021. That even includes a bank holiday on May 9. Spring term is from January 4 to February 12. Finally, Autumn is from September 1 to October 23, 2020. Students would love to get a break from school and not seeing books for a while. They would love to spend time with their classmates without thinking about what to study.

Challenging and Fun Water Sports

What are the different water activities?

Sailing, skiing, swimming, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, and rowing are the different water activities. All of them are loads of fun and it would be best to do them when the weather is fair. When it is windy, it would not be wise to do them because the current may be strong.

What kind of water sports have you tried?

I tried surfing and it is pretty tough at first. You will need to balance your body to be able to stop on the surfboard so you can ride the waves. It will feel great and it would make for some great photo opportunities when you finally do. You will need lots of practice before you can master it. It will be worth it in the end though as you can even do a sideline as a surfing instructor.

What is the most popular water sport?

It is swimming as it is a sport that is in the Olympics. There are a lot of professional swimmers who make good money just by swimming. Surfing is a close second as there are tons of surfing competitions that happen each year in different beaches across the globe.

Why should we develop water sports?

It is a pretty good exercise and they are a lot of fun for people of all ages.

What are the 3 categories of water sports?

Swimming, surfing, and kayaking are the three categories of water sports. They are all challenging and tough sports that will make you lose a ton of calories once you play them. Kayaking is nice because it gives you a good upper body workout. It would be helpful if you have a partner who is experienced with it so you can get to the destination pretty fast. If you have a partner that does not know how to do it that much, you are going to be forced to do a majority of the work.

What are examples of aquatic activities?

Water polo is a nice example of an aquatic activity as it involves two teams that attempt to get the ball in the opposing team’s goal. The more players there are in this game, the more fun it would be. Of course, punching and kicking are not allowed in this game. You can only steal the ball from the opposing team. This is known to also be a co-ed game so girls and boys can form a team.